Thursday, 22 March 2012

I need a roof over my head, at least.

So, this is my second post on my year-abroad blog. I can definitely say that i'm panicking now, and it's only March. 

I think given the fact i'm studying towards a dual language degree, I will first of all speak about Aix-en-Provence from here on; it's my first port of call on my year abroad. I think i'll end up speaking more about Koblenz, and my plans for that part of the world later on in the year when i'm already settled in Aix and i'm beginning to plan to move over there, what i'm expecting and travel info etc blah blah.


I've been told that it is a very expensive place to live, though not to put you off I have also heard it is -possible- to find cheap accommodation and live on a shoestring budget, but I am personally yet to witness this.

Aix-en-Provence is located in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of the Côte d'Azur region of France. Right on the French Riviera, Aix is around 20 miles away from Marseille (the second largest city in France).

I've had an absolute ballache trying to find relatively cheap accommodation in Aix, even in Marseille, although I'd wanna live as close to Aix centre as possible.
If you are reading this for your year abroad, I would suggest starting to save money es early as possible, even from March/April. has so far been VERY helpful in working out how much I will expect to pay for anything.

I don't know whether i'll be renting a studio, sharing with people from uni, sharing with locals or going into halls yet. Really need to sort finances out, but I can say one will be expensive. is also a very useful resource. All you do is plug in the postcode of Aix (13100) and search for Location/Colocation

I guess that's all I can really say. I don't have any plans set in stone yet and I guess it's a bit too early but I am a panicky mess and I know for a fact that one month before I leave I will be even more of a mess!

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