Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day One, and London: The most colourfully hedonistic capital city in the world

I always thought that i'd be as solid as a rock when leaving Newcastle, my hometown, when travelling away on my own. Solid as a rock.... but I must admit I was a bit terrified when I left.

My mam and sister came to wave me off at the station and to fill me full of fear for the future and to hug me so hard I now have to book myself in for shiatsu therapy with a hot masseur OF COURSE.
That was without the rucksack too; my bag is so big that I could probably fit 4 small folded children inside, and so heavy and expertly filled too that I get suspicious looks when i'm on the Tube. Which sounds worse than it is. Everyone's suspicious on the Tube....I smiled at a woman and she looked back down at her Evening Standard, most likely out of total fear of a person actually smiling for once.

Part one of my new life has so far been brilliant though. I'm staying in London for the next few days with a friend and it's been great. Spent a night in Soho getting remarkably drunk and, for once, not being accosted by prostitutes like the last time I was in London.

Me and a friend were, however, accosted by a homosexual business man who offered us cocaine in a bar. When asked what he does for a living he actually replied "I live in Mayfair, that's just what I do". I love rich people.

Also, been to the Science Museum in South Kensington to look at the excellent Alan Turing exhibition and to play with alllll the things. I've done allll the other stuff too, but I can't be arsed to list it out.

Next time I post I'll likely be in Paris, living it up with the Frenchies.

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