Tuesday, 25 September 2012

This is a blog allllllll about Julie Koothrappali.

So there's this girl here who is Corsican, lives in Aix, speaks English (with such an Indian accent she might as well hold a dual-nationality passport despite her not being Indian whatsoever) and is moving to Liverpool in the UK for the hell of it for a year to find a job and all that.

When she's not harassing me to buy a chateau with her, she's calling me a gayboy but then demanding that George Michael personally call me up to party on down with her. He's obviously way too cool for that though, he always apologises on the phone but makes it very clear that he'll be in Liverpool soon but only if she is a little bit cooler.

So, Liverpool. Godspeed. If she doesn't drink your taps dry, she'll blow you the fuck up man. After all, she is Corsican.

No in all seriousness, tons of good luck to her. I met her the first night I was here with the 'casual alcoholics' and she's definitely one of the biggest characters here who i'm sure will be sorely missed! Liverpool's a nice place apparently, and she'll hopefully have enormous luck finding a job and settling in well with the rain and the miserable comedy and the Scouse accent! 'Caaaaaaym caaaym down lad'

Here's her mugshot haha:

On the left

Julie + Lén = SWAG

I love this photo of us. she might 'fuck you up' but she's still such a cutie 


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  1. Ooooh c'est trop gnonmi Gary chéri <3