Saturday, 15 December 2012

Nice was nice.

Well after a heavy unprecedented night of drinking with the guys and girls in Aix for Steph's birthday we decided to actually get a move on and get to Nice. Good idea. Apart from the hungover trains yeah...
After getting into Nice, within one hour of arrival we were blown away, not the first time I've been here but undoubtedly the best; without family, the almost expected ball and chain situations and being able to just wander around freely are probably the best part about exploring any city, but with Nice it's even better. Finding backalley coffee shops and Cuban cocktail restaurants is definitely an experience beyond any.

Just a very quick update, since i'm currently using Russian keyboard settings in an English speaking hostel in Nice, France, but i'm having an amazing time here in France and extremely excited for Berlin tomorrow. If anyone sees a drunken Gluhwein-corrupted English boy strolling around Berlin tomorrow, then watch out. I'll be enjoying myself too much to give a shit about anyone else bitches.

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