Sunday, 29 July 2012

"holla, city of squalor!"

Okay, so major breakthroughs. I was offered une chambre simple [simple room] at Cuques halls in Aix-en-Provence for 155€/month by the uni.

After a good 10 days of deliberation of whether or not I can live with a a whole host of potentially sketchy Euro-tramps in the extreme south of France, or whether I really do value my own [expensive rental] space, I still had no idea what to do.....

- Friends suggested I just move into halls for 'the experience'  (NB i'm a total halls virgin...I've lived with friends and partners so far through uni.)

- My mother suggested I find a cheap apartment, even if it's in a sketchy area miles out from the city centre.

- previous Erasmus students from my uni suggested not living in halls, for one reason or another; cramped conditions, other students etc

...but as the deadline approached I had to be more adult about the decision. I'm not often adult, or mature so this was a big thing for me....

The fact I had nothing sorted yet was quite a scary concept, and I took the room in halls.
I'm quite nervous about it all really...but still open minded.

I pay 155€ a month for a room, and i'm planning on travelling a whole hell lot more than I would have been while paying expensive rent as well. So really, I'm quite excited for the opportunity!

At least i'm not an SDF [sans domicile fixe / homeless].......

Oh and stay tuned for my plans to casually backpack around the South of France for a week and a half before uni......


  1. 155€? i would be happy to get a room in Münster for that :(

  2. I'm paying 650 in Paris so that's what I pay for daily use of the microwave... But I've heard in Aix you can get accommodation for 250 which has an en suite and is 10 x better.

    1. It's really not such a good outlook. Well at least not from what i've seen. I've been looking everywhere online so far, (appartager,, leboncoin,, even the mayor's office site) and for a studio apartment it can be anything up to 600€ a month which is totally out of budget for me. Most places are 400€/m for just one bedroom in a shared apartment anyways, so living in halls wouldn't be -so- different.

    2. I meant you can get student accommodation from the same place for £250 with an ensuite but I imagine you would probably have found that by now if it was still available. Hope you find somewhere decent!

    3. Ah I see! No, these rooms offered were like the last remaining rooms in the uni. No biggie though, it's only 6 months after all....

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