Thursday, 26 April 2012

France is only 500-ish miles away (so, why does it feel like a million miles away?)

If that image doesn't grab your attention, then i'm not sure what will......
All will be explained further throughout the post :P

Okay, so i've been working on my application to both universities recently, and been feeling prettttty good about it all. I'm really really excited to go away, can't wait to go to be honest!

Emma from the International Office at Sunderland Uni has been infinitely more helpful that my actual lecturers / year abroad supervisors, who i'm not going to name or talk about in too bad of a light anymore (since I am a changed, more positive, individual :D)

I've chosen my modules for Provence, i'm taking French grammar, German grammar, Cinema (some sort of 'Cinema through the ages' module) and Erasmus Translation. Don't have my application to hand so I don't know for certain that these are the modules though.

For Koblenz (which is primarily a teacher training university) I'm still undecided. I found their website really unhelpful and ridiculous to navigate, same with Université de Provence, but on a greater scale.
It's all good practice though....(actually reading the website text helps a lot!!!!) i've learned quite a lot about the French education system, certain acronyms and what the word for 'module catalogue' is (une plaquette)

For anyone next year who may be looking at this for help in choosing modules for Universit√© de Provence, the place to go to find out module details is here and look for la plaquette when selecting a module, to find dates and times and course codes and all the rest of the boring stuff......

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The photo, by the way was taken by a friend on his year abroad in Darmstadt, Germany. He went to a gay club in Frankfurt, and was absolutely astonished to see how different it is to English 'club etiquette' (not sure if oxymoron :P). This guy was just walking around completely bollock naked, pun most definitely intended, without a care in the world. Quite refreshing really....if not a bit creeepy :P

I'll be reporting back on here with the quality of the nightlife, I am determined to go to uni over on the continent but i'm finding a second home in the form of a nice drinking establishment over there! I think i'll miss my local pubs and bar-banter. Hopefully the Germans will teach me something about beer, and the French, wine ;)