Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Oh, Vienna.

It's under a week until I take the plunge and move to grand old Vienna. I only got confirmation of the job I'd applied for at the start of September, so to say that this whole pack-up-your-shit-and-go thing has been a last minute jobby would be a complete understatement. Anyone who knows me well enough though will know that that is just "soooo me".

I still get asked "G, How is it possible for you to just up sticks like that?" or "I am so jealous of you" and I never know how to react. I always just say that I hate being comfortable, and if you really wanted something you would fucking bust a blood vessel to get it.

I was going to make this post like all the pre-departure Erasmus style travel blogs about how I'm excited to go here and to do this and that and counting down that it's 5 sleeps until I travel, but I couldn't bring myself to rattle all that spiel off. By god I am excited, but I am also incredibly nervous too. This isn't an Erasmus year abroad - I have no extra money coming in every semester to save me from financial ruin (like what happened in France), there is no real time limit this time and as much as people say, or think deep down, this really is not something to get out of my system while I'm young. I don't plan on coming back.

It's an incredibly scary prospect anyways, but like that beautifully eloquent snippet of philosophy goes: #YOLO.

Der Wiener Donaukanal