Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Almost there.....

Progress! Finally!

Sorted out the application process for Provence! I had to apply here online first and now I have to post of the application with two photos, a photocopy of my passport and a phtoocopy of my EHIC card, of which I have neither, because i'm a drunk and I lost my passport in the back of a taxi somewhere in Newcastle after too many tequilas, and because i'm too relaxed to bother with (free) insurance. Whoops!

So it's a day trip to Durham to visit the passport offices to get one sorted pretty sharpish in the near future.

All that needs done now, is to send off these forms, potentially apply for halls and also potentially apply for an intensive language course (a week-ish) before the start of my semester in France, and do a similar thing for Germany.
And it's true that Erasmus aren't giving you anything for free....to get these monthly grants you have to jump through so many bureaucratic hoops and fill in so many forms!!! Nothing's easy while on the continent, I assure you of that.....


for Aix-Marseille I've chosen:

  • ALLA02 German Civilisation + Littérature
  • ALLA08 German Grammar
  • EFE212 French Civilisation + Littérature
  • EFE213 French Grammar
  • IAAC13 Translation (Erasmus)
  • and ETHL07 Intro à l'Anthropologie de la France.
I wasn't allowed to choose Beginner's Greek, since my lecturer didn't think it was appropriate to take it as a uni module ,but I can freely take it as a community language class, or evening class if they exist.
Pretty gutted. Still, i'd like to take on as many classes and do as much as possible in this year....I felt like he was holding me back, but I kinda understand his decision now....

François Hollande, le nouveau président socialiste de la France dans les yeux de Plantu, le dessinateur qui fait des images sur la politique regulièrement pour 'Le Monde', comme un capitaine du Caravelle, ici Christophe Colomb:

Quand il est parti, il ne savait pas où il allait. Quand il est arrive, il ne savait pas où il était. Et tout ça avec l'argent des autres......